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List Of Our Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers subject to change without notice

Brian Cano

Live streamed Interview With Brian Cano
TV personality, paranormal researcher, curator, lecturer, author. Brian is a featured analyst for Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught on Camera and Doomsday Caught on Camera (2020), a guest on History Channel's The Curse Of Oak Island (2019) and The UnXplained (2020), and well known as tech Specialist for SyFy's Haunted Collector team.  

His interactive History of the Paranormal Exhibit, introduced in 2018, was taken mobile in 2020 with successful showings at eight historical locations thus far.  2024 dates will be announced soon.  In February of 2022, his first book, "Grains of Sand: Tales of a Paranormal Life" was published through Roswell Press. 

Practical Magick

Practical magick is simple techniques, spells and thought patterns that anybody can do to improve your day to day life and help you live a magical life every day! Everything is a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit to create the shift, open the door, enhance the opportunity, see a new perception to move forward in the direction you want with a bit more grace, ease and enjoyment as you manifest the life you want! 

Everything from how to deal with difficult relationships, your own personal blocks, fears and limitations, to how to develop your own psychic ability and intuition and to tune into your own guides and deities. Who has the power? YOU do! (If not… who or what have you given it away to?) I will teach you how to be the master or your universe. The architect of your own life. In this workshop I will give you easy, proven techniques that anyone can do to bring positive change to their life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to your morning shower – you can bring powerful magick into every aspect of your day.

Rick McCallum - Hollywood Ghost Hunters

Escapades of a Paranormal Investigator
Rick McCallum has been a professional stuntman, actor, and stunt coordinator for over 35 years, and has more than 75 movie and TV projects to his name. He has frequently played monsters or paranormal characters and done stunt doubling for many well-known actors, including Barry Bostwick, Oliver Platt, Christopher Noth, and Greg Evigan among many others. 

Other than acting in horror movies, he is also a ghost hunter, co-founding Hollywood Ghost Hunters with fellow actor Kane Hodder. They appeared on the TV show Ghost Adventures where they joined the GA’s crew in an investigation at the Pico House in Los Angeles.

Rick also is an award-winning author of Ghosts Believe in Me which won 2020 Paranormal Book of the Year, and a second book The Spirits Are Out There, and they are waiting for you

Earl Door
Field Investigator Arizona MUFON

A Beginners Guide to Researching UFOs
At the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), we’re deeply involved in unraveling the enigmas of the cosmos, from UFO sightings to alien abductions and the formation of crop circles. 

Unlike Enigma Labs and the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) who also take reports, MUFON actually investigates into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). We provide a platform for experiencers and UFO abductees to report a UFO or report an alien abduction. 

Our UFO database is a comprehensive collection of information, encompassing reports of flying saucers, UFO crashes, and even cattle mutilations linked to UFO activities. At MUFON, we’re not just bystanders; we’re active contributors in the realm of UFO investigation and UFO reverse engineering.

Karen A. Dahlman

Spirit Communication: Channeling with the Talking Board
Let’s explore this enigmatic, popular tool that is marketed as a game. It comes to us from the parlors and attics of yesteryear, dusted off for our use today. Why has it survived the passage of time? How is it being used, played and worked? Get ready for a deep dive into the emergence of the Ouija Board, from its rich history to its place within our pop culture, humanity’s psyche and quite possibly into your own home.

Karen A. Dahlman, MA is a published author, licensed professional counselor, experienced Ouija practitioner, and an officer and director of the Talking Board Historical Society. Karen has been using the Ouija board for five decades and teaches how to communicate with sentient beings in the unseen dimensions. 

Her work and research into the realm of spirit, on and off the board, is showcased internationally at popular paranormal conferences, in documentaries, on streaming shows and radio. Karen’s mission is to push the boundaries of consciousness in order to assist humanity in awakening to its greatest potential. Learn more at: www.karenadahlman.com

Marianne Robb & Dave Rich - UAP-PD Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon-Police

Real Encounters: When Law Enforcement Meets the Unknown
In this intriguing talk, retired AZ police officers Marianne Robb and Dave Rich take center stage to shed light on a fascinating and lesser-known aspect of their profession: investigating Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). With an impressive collective experience, they offer unique insights into the challenges that have historically hindered UAP investigations within law enforcement circles. 

Drawing from their own first-hand encounters and conversations with fellow officers, the duo courageously explores the enigmatic world of unexplained sightings (paranormal or UFO) whether seen in the sky or on land. They also reveal a stunning truth – amidst the responsibilities of protecting the public, approximately 800,000 dedicated law enforcement officers in the United States have witnessed perplexing phenomena, choosing to remain silent about their experiences. Why? 

This captivating presentation seeks to answer that question while also treating the audience to some of the most intriguing paranormal cases these brave professionals and their colleagues have encountered. Get ready to explore the uncharted territories where law enforcement meets the unknown, uncovering secrets that will leave you astonished.

Tony & Cherie Rathman

Sounds of the Dead: Staticom communication method
Staticom is the name of the method of Spirit communication that was developed by Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations. What was once known as DRV or Direct Radio Voice, the background history relates back to Marcello Bacci and his use of a vacuum tube radio. Switched to short waves he tunes the radio to a frequency between 7 and 9 MHz. 

 The key is using frequencies where there is no signal, so only white noise can be heard. With the Staticom Method THERE IS NO RADIO, SPIRIT BOX or APPS USED! They were replaced with ONLY a White Noise Generator. All communication you are about to hear is filtered directly from broadband white noise.

Damian Harris

Vulture City Ghost Town
Vulture City Ghost Town is renowned for its ghostly encounters side of this abandoned settlement. it lives today through its haunted buildings and dissolved ruins that sit above its miles of dark mine shafts. To mysterious footsteps in the night to unexplained flickering lights. 

Hear first hand experience from numerous paranormal investigations of this abandoned settlement.   Learn about its history and hear the chilling tales of those who still walk this once thriving gold mining town.