Kid Friendly Ghost Hunts

Kids  will join seasoned paranormal investigators and participate in EVP and sprit box sessions. They will use all the latest equipment seen on your favorite TV shows. Parents can video their kids in action as they explore the unknown. One team member per four children. Equipment and instruction included. 
One parent is free per child
Old 1910 Gila County Jail - Kid Friendly Ghost Hunt - Paranormal Investigation
GLOBE AZ saturDAY April 13 starts 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
The original gallows stood on this very spot before the 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office was built. Visitors have also reported cold spots, unexplained lights, and being physically touched. Apparitions of men, women, and children have been seen through the building as well as the catwalk that adjoins the jail with the neighboring courthouse.